FAM Trips

Compiled by Gene Muchanski
Executive Director and Dive Travel  Specialist
Dive Industry Association, Inc.
All FAM Trips are run independently by DIA Members

FAM Trips 2020

February 27 – March 6, 2020: Maldives – Manthiri Maldives Liveaboard.  Contact Mark Potter at Mass Diving.  email: manthirisales@massdiving.com

May 15-19, 2020: Curacao – Sunscape Curacao & Ocean Encounters.  4 Nights.  All Meals & Drinks.  3 Days of diving.  Round Trip Airport & Hotel Transfers.  Hotel Taxes.  International Airfare NOT included.  Contact Debbie Helms, Roatan Charter.  Phone: 800-282-8932.  email: debbie@roatancharter.com  Web Link: www.roatancharter.com

September 5-15, 2020: Egypt & Red Sea – Historical Attractions of Egypt.     International Airfare NOT included.  Contact Petra Hermes, Fly & Sea Dive.  Phone: 888-995-3483.  email: diving@flyandsea.com   Web Link: www.flyandsea.com


Retail Dive Travel Specialists:  Request an Application from Dive Industry Association to apply for a “Qualified Dive Travel Specialist” Certificate.  Contact Gene Muchanski at gene@diveindustry.net