Dive Fest Saint Lucia 2016

SLTB-Logo-100Dive Fest Saint Lucia 2016
By Gene Muchanski, Correspondent
Caribbean Dive News

When I think of a Tropical Island Paradise, I think of a beautiful little island, somewhere  in the Caribbean that has great scenery, gorgeous weather, friendly people, fun activities, and of course, great food.   Not only does the island have to have great accommodations and be easy to get to, it has to capture the imagination and leave a lasting impression on me.  How many times have we fantasized about our own little tropical island with white sand beaches, lined with palm trees and surrounded by turquoise waters? For the passionate scuba divers among us, our tropical island paradise has to include warm, gin-clear waters, abundantly filled with tropical fish and spectacular coral reefs.

Halfway down the Eastern Caribbean Archipelago of the Lesser Antilles is the island of Saint Lucia.  Your journey to this Simply Beautiful Tropical Island begins on their website at www.stlucia.org.  The Saint Lucia Tourist Board welcomes you to Saint Lucia – The Perfect Destination.  “Let Saint Lucia take your breath away with miles of unspoiled landscapes, palm-fringed beaches, and idyllic sunsets as a backdrop to the majesty of the Piton mountains.” 

Saint Lucia is indeed The Perfect Destination, for Weddings & Honeymoons, Yachting & Sailing, Snorkeling & Scuba Diving, Health & Wellness Retreats, Nature & Adventure Tours and much, much more.  The Saint Lucia Tourist Board is an active group of people that plan events on the islands that capture the attention and interest of vacationers worldwide.  For your pleasure, Saint Lucia is home to the Saint Lucia Carnival, Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, Dive Festival 2016, and the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.

anbaglo logoDive Fest Saint Lucia 2016 is a week-long celebration of the island’s  first-rate diving and snorkeling.  Hosted by The Saint Lucia Dive Association, Anbaglo, this event is intended to showcase the diversity of Saint Lucia’s marine, land and human resources.  Thirteen (13) Dive Operators and eighteen (18) Hotels participate in the events which include dives, tours, a Photo Competition and a Treasure Hunt.  Anbaglo has put together some great prizes for the Photo Competition and the Treasure Hunt, including an Underwater Camera, Laptop and Dive Computer.

The Dive Fest begins on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at your Host Hotel and ends on Saturday, September 17, 2016 with a Sea Food Splash and Closing Ceremony.  Travel arrangements and hotel accommodations can be booked directly through Debbie Helms of Roatan Chater, a Preferred Agent Saint Lucia Specialist.  Debbie was recently honored as a Piton Award Recipient at Saint Lucia’s second annual Piton Award Creole Carnival Gala in June of this year.

We look forward to hearing from participating hotels like Anse Chastanet  and Sandals about Dive Fest Saint Lucia 2016 and what plans they have for 2017. We are sure that Action Adventure Divers, Sandals Dive Center, Scuba St. Luica and the other participating Dive Operators will pull out the red carpet for their diving guests and show them the best that Saint Lucia Diving has to offer.

Roatan-100If your Dive Center or Club did not plan a dive trip this year to Dive Fest Saint Lucia 2016, contact Debbie Helms at Roatan Charter about getting in on the fun for 2017.

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Editorial – August 2016

Gene-Video-200August is Time to Regroup.
by Gene Muchanski, Editor
The Dive Industry Professional

It’s only August and the season is already starting to wind down.  Companies are planning their annual sales meeting and product managers are busy getting their samples in for the new season.  Training and Travel people are taking their last minute vacations before the DEMA Show.

On the industry front, it’s all about DEMA Show from here on out.  It’s like the industry has forgotten about the needs of the people in the trenches – the Retail Dive Centers, the Dive Operators and the Diving Instructors.  My take on this is that if you aren’t servicing your current customers now, in the peak of their busy season, why are you making plans to create new products and services to show them at DEMA?

We need to create a new rhythm for the industry.  The first step is to convince the retail business community that they are the ones who have the power to control the industry.  They are the people who write the checks to buy the goods and services from their vendors that keeps the industry flowing.  Without retail buyers, we would be a “Hobby Industry” and not a real for-business industry.   That doesn’t mean that the hobby part of recreational diving is bad.  In fact, it’s a good thing that needs to be developed in proper perspective.  But the core of this market has to be the full-time, professional, retail enterprise that invests time, money and manpower on a full-time basis, and serves as the link between the producers of diving goods and service and the consumers of diving goods and services.  It’s called channels of distribution.  From conception to consumption.

The second step in creating an industry rhythm that works for all of us is to establish an industry schedule in terms of pre-season, in-season and post season activity.  The more segments of the industry that we get on the same wave length, the smoother our industry will operate between the buyers and sellers.

The third and most important step is to integrate all the sectors of the industry, each doing their part in bringing goods and services to the general public.

The Dive Industry Association has been working with a few groups in the industry who are looking at the recreational diving market from a regional perspective.  We call it DIVE LOCAL.  Of course, there are many places throughout the world that have a high concentration of divers, diving businesses, and diving activity.  It’s our job to identify the various DIVE LOCAL groups, establish contact with the regional players, promote activities in each region, and communicate their activities to the scuba diving buying public.  There is strength in numbers and more business opportunities available than if these businesses tried to market on their own.  It’s our way of growing and defragmenting the market.

A good example of focusing on pockets of high-diver concentration is the work we are doing to promote Saint Lucia in the south eastern Caribbean.  We recently started to work with the the Saint Lucia Tourist Board.   They have a very active Tourist Board that promotes their tropical island destination.  Just in Scuba Diving alone, we noticed that the Saint Lucia Tourist Board along with 13 Dive Operators, 18 Hotels, 1 Dive Association and  1 Dive Travel Wholesaler (Roatan Charter) were working together on their Dive Festival Saint Lucia event to showcase their beautiful island to scuba divers, worldwide.  Now, that’s what I called cooperative marketing.

Good cooperative marketing grows local activity.  Good local activity grows the industry.  Good industries succeed and grow.  It’s time to build up local diving communities.

Would you like to see how DIVE LOCAL can help build your business and your local diving community?  See us at Dema Show – Booth 4225.


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BookItGlobal Offers Merchant Service


BookItGlobal, proud makers of DivingGlobal, would like to give any member of the Dive Industry Association special pricing on our merchant service offering.

Besides our software saving you time and money, we would like to extend an immediate savings with our merchant service activation.

Spend 15 minutes with a sales consultant, and if we can’t save you over your existing provider, we will give you $200 for your time!

It’s that easy!

Contact: Amanda Martin
Email: sales@bookitglobal.com
Phone: (916) 245-0052

Other services include:

  • Full POS & Financial system for diving
  • Free Non Profit software to run email campaigns
  • Mail server & campaign management software

**No hardware requirements**

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Mobby’s Introduces Beanies!


BEANIE 1Mobby’s USA is excited to announce the launch of our all-weather Beanie. A versatile head accessory that can be worn during a dive or out of water as a cool fashionable, colorful addition to your dive outfit.

Offered in 5 eye-catching colors (Pink, Blue, Green, Black and Yellow) Sizing M, L.  MSRP $65

Mobby’s U.S. office is located in Beaverton, Oregon – an epicenter of outdoor, sport, and leisure activities. The office manages sales, marketing, distribution and post-sale product services including repair and maintenance for the Mobby’s brand of diving suits.

MobbysFounded in 1963, Mobby’s is a leading worldwide manufacturer of diving suits and dive accessories for men and woman. Company products have earned an international reputation for innovation, quality and performance within the recreational, commercial and technical diving community.

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Mark Ross – General Manager
1800 NW 169 th Place, Suite B110
Beaverton, OR 97006
Web:  www.mobbys-usa.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/MobbysUSA
Twitter: @mobbys.usa
Tel. 503.747.7824
Cell 503.504.9117
Fax 503.747.7807


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Editorial – July 2016

Gene-Video-200July is the Half-Way Point to Everything
by Gene Muchanski, Editor
The Dive Industry Professional

July has always been the most important month of the year for me in the diving industry. When you think about it, July is the halfway point to everything.  Half the year is behind us and half the year is ahead of us.  The middle of the Summer falls in the middle of July and if you haven’t made it by then chances are you are not going to make it by the end of the year.  If your seasonal diving business is not in full swing by mid-July, you left something out in your pre-season planning.  This is the time of year when successful businesses are executing their plans, not making them for the year. If your customers are not lined up and ready to take your classes, charters, and trips, they are not thinking SCUBA Diving now. Chances are they are thinking about things like “Back to School.”

The majority of the diving industry spent a lot of time in the pre-season exhibiting at Dive Shows across the country.  They were filling their calendars with activities that keep them in business.  They were meeting current customers, former customers and future customers and selling them on their business.  They were booking classes, dive charters and dive vacation trips.  They were creating the need for divers to buy diving equipment and cameras and videos and apparel.  And why wouldn’t every dive business exhibit at their Regional Dive Show in the pre-season?  Too expensive? Couldn’t or wouldn’t be away from their store for 1 weekend?  Maybe they think their market is too small for the venue?  Or maybe they were afraid their customers would see other Retailers at the show?  There are no logical excuses for not participating in your local dive shows.  It’s a proven fact – Trade Shows Work!  I hope to see you exhibiting at your local show next year.

Let’s have a better next year than this year.  Come see us at Dema Show in Booth 4225.


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SharkCon 2016 – A Weekend of Fun

13631433_10154092363215081_2793810618497119094_nSharkCon 2016 – 3rd Annual Fun Fest

by Gene Muchanski
Southeast Correspondent
Dive News Network – Southeast Dive News


What could be more fun than to spend the weekend with Sharks, Mermaids, a bunch of Divers and hundreds of people who love the ocean environment?  Nothing could be more fun, and that’s why we went to SharkCon 3 in Tampa, Florida on July 9th and 10th.

SharkCon is an annual ocean festival, water sports show and ocean conservation event. SharkCon takes place at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa and is the brain child of Spencer Steward and Sponsored by The Florida Aquarium.  According to their web site www.shark-con.com  “SharkCon is an event that brings those who love the ocean together for a weekend of education and the fun of a Comic Con.  SharkCon has something for everyone who loves the ocean.”

The daily admission to SharkCon is only $14.95 for an adult and the proceeds benefit The Florida Aquarium rehabilitation programs and OCEARCH Shark Expedition Research.  The venue is easy to get to and parking is only $6.

IMG_1029Dana and I made our way to the Exhibit Hall as soon as we arrived at SharkCon.  The event has grown since last year and this year it included 75 exhibitors plus the “Be A Diver” pool.  We visited with Dive Industry Association Members;  Beqa Lagoon Resort Fiji, Big Blue Aquatic Gifts, Lita’s No-See-Um No More, NAUI Worldwide, Roatan Charter and St. Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures.  They all agreed that exhibiting at SharkCon is a great way to meet divers from the Tampa area and people who have are interested in learning to scuba diving.

Hanging out with “Big Wave Dave” by the Be A Diver Pool and seeing first time Scuba Divers experience breathing underwater for the first time is always a fun thing to do.  Of course, hanging out with the lovely Mermaids at the Mermaid Pool was at the top of my list.  We even got the Mermaids on Video.  I always knew they were real!

At SharkCon there is always something to do for both Adults and Kids alike.  And I don’t just mean the mechanical Great White Shark ride.  Everyone can attend any of the 17 in-depth seminars and be entertained by the “Left Shark Dancers.”    In the exhibit Hall there are Touch Tanks, a Shark Tooth Sand Dig, SeaWorld Exhibits, an Ocean Bounce House, a Shark Slide, and much, much more.  A special treat this year was the two Shark Weddings.

As always, Local Event like SharkCon 2016 are covered in depth on social media by Southeast Dive News, DIVE LOCAL, and Dive Industry Association.  You can see more pictures and videos on these three sites.

We are looking forward to returning next year and seeing our old friends and meeting new ones.

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Saint Lucia Celebrates 2nd Annual PADI Women’s Dive Day



Media Contacts:
John Emmanuel
Saint Lucia Tourist Board
758 452 4094 / 758 458 7149


Hoteliers & Dive Shops submit nominees for best female diver!

SAINT LUCIA (July 21, 2016) – The Saint Lucia Tourist Board is pleased to have joined divers around the globe on Saturday July 16 th, 2016 to celebrate the second annual PADI Women’s Dive Day.

Last year, PADI Women’s Dive Day featured events across 65 countries and all seven continents. Men and women from Alaska to Argentina, France to the Philippines enjoyed a day of diving together to celebrate the contributions of women to the sport. PADI Women’s Dive Day espouses that scuba diving is about community, as diving is a great way to network and share experiences with friends or family.

The event was promoted locally with a competition for the female divers. Hoteliers and Dive Shops around the island were invited to submit a nomination of their best female diver(s) and their accomplishments and provide a reason why these women should be recognized for PADI Women’s Dive Day.  Nominations were received from the following:

The nominees were asked to submit a video and a biography and were assessed based on Dive knowledge/experience, overall presentation of the submission, and video content.

1st place went to Dawn Shewan (Dive Saint Lucia), in 2nd place was Nathalia Clement (Sandals Grande) and 3rd place went to Zita Glace (Scuba St. Lucia).

The SLTB’s Marketing Manager for Niche Markets Jemima Lorde expressed delight that Saint Lucia seized the opportunity to recognize its women folk in this capacity.  Lorde, a former PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, EFR (Emergency First Response) Instructor as well as a swim coach, highlighted the “struggles and hardship that one must endure (especially as a female) in becoming a professional diver let alone making it a lifelong career.”

The following hotels have partnered with the Saint Lucia Tourist Board to provide prizes for the participants: Ti Kaye Resort & Spa, Bay Gardens Hotel, Royal St Lucia Resort & Spa and BLU Hotel.

For more information about the island of Saint Lucia, call 1-800- 456-3984, or 1-888 4STLUCIA or visit http://stlucia.org/

About Saint Lucia

One of the Windward Islands of the West Indies’ Lesser Antilles, Saint Lucia (pronounced Saint LOO-sha) is nestled halfway down the Eastern Caribbean archipelago. The “Helen of the West Indies,” Saint Lucia is known for its natural beauty and diverse attractions, including the signature Piton Mountains – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – a tropical rainforest and one of the world’s few drive-in volcanoes. Culturally rich offerings include the bustling marketplace in the capital of Castries, quaint fishing villages along the coastline, and the annual Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. Saint Lucia’s wide range of accommodations includes world-class five-star resorts, all-inclusive resorts, intimate inns and value-oriented properties. Saint Lucia also is home to world class cruise and yachting facilities. The island is continually recognized as one of the Leading Wedding and Honeymoon destinations worldwide.

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Enjoy FREE Nights in Fiji This September



– Buy 3night pkg & get 4 th night FREE (pkgs starting at $659* usd pp)
– Buy 5night pkg & get 2 FREE nights (pkgs starting at $979* usd pp)

– R/T ground & boat transfers from Nadi to Beqa
– Deluxe, air-conditioned, Fijian style villa
– 3 gourmet meals daily
– Snorkeling, kayaking, hiking treks & paddle-boarding
– Fijian culture & entertainment daily
– Tax

*Pricing includes FREE nights. Rate is per person for single or double occupancy.  Special pricing is valid for travel between Sep 17-Oct 3, 2016. Space is subject to availability at time of booking & other restrictions may apply. Not valid with any other specials.

Phone: 1-800- 542-3454
eMail: reservations@beqalagoonresort.com
Web: www.beqalagoonresort.com

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Two FREE Nights at Eden Beach Resort Bonaire


edene-beach-logo-200Travel Special
Eden Beach Resort Bonaire

2 FREE Nights this Summer

Prices Starting at $313.00 pp
Travel Dates: July 6 – September 30, 2016
Must Book by Date: August 1, 2016

  • Valid on all room categories
  • 7 night minimum stay required
  • A la carte rates only

Contact: For more details, contact your favorite Travel Specialist
Michele Spinale
U.S. Reservations Office
343 Neponset Street
Canton, MA 02021
phone: 1-855-228-4644
Web: www.edenbeach.com
email: edenbeach@travelmarketing.com

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DIA Members to Exhibit at Our World-Underwater 2017

DIALogo-tag-200The following Dive Industry Association Members exhibited at Our World-Underwater (Chicago) 2016 and are planning to return on February 24-26, 2017 to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.  Make it a point to visit our DIA Members.

Local Retail Dive Centers

Local Dive Boat Operators


Travel Businesses, Destinations, Resorts, & Dive Operators


Associations, Media and Shows & Events

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