Get Ready For Shows & Events 2020

Get Ready For Shows & Events 2020
by Gene Muchanski
Editor, The Dive Industry Professional 

Shows and Events, or face-to-face Marketing as we call it, is a big part of the Industry’s Marketing efforts.  Trade and Consumer Shows in the diving industry are market places created to bring Buyers and Sellers together.   The diving community has a fifty year history exhibiting and attending trade and consumer shows but we need to have a new look at the reasons we support these shows as sponsors, advertisers, exhibitors, speakers and attendees.  It may help to think of what we are doing as trying to get a 21st Century perspective on a 20th Century concept.

First of all, Dive Industry Association monitors trade and consumer shows that are important to the diving industry.  A Shows & Events Calendar is posted and updated on our website on a continual basis.  If you are responsible for exhibiting, attending or participating at trade or consumer shows, you may want to Bookmark this page.  See Shows & Events

Shows & Events Categories:  The categories that attract divers and diving businesses are Dive Shows, Surf Expos, Travel Shows, Outdoor Sporting Goods Shows and Boat Shows.  They include domestic shows and popular international shows.  In all these categories, we have consumer and non-consumer shows.  Consumer shows feature educational and entertainment seminars and have exhibitors who show their products and exhibitors who sell their products.  Non-consumer shows either focus on exhibits or seminars.  We call a non-consumer show that focuses on exhibits a Trade Show or Expo.  If the focus is on seminars, we call it a Professional Development Conference.  Rhonda Abrams’s book Trade Show In A Day, sums it up best.  “At a trade show or expo, the primary action takes place on the exhibit hall floor.  Attendees are there to visit booths, and all non-exhibit activities are secondary.  At a conference, the opposite is true.  Attendees are there to go to seminars and educational sessions, visiting the exhibition hall only during breaks in their daily schedules.”

Priorities: Let’s look at Trade Shows & Expos first.  It is best to prioritize your involvement at Trade Shows by looking at the Buyers and Sellers of these marketplaces.  If you are a Seller (Exhibitor) then you will want to exhibit where you can interact with the most buyers.  Will your buyers be there in sufficient quantity to make it cost effective for you to be there?  If you are a Buyer, you’ll want to look at the list of exhibitors to determine if you will be reaching the businesses that supply the dive equipment, training and travel products you re-sell.

At consumer shows, it’s all about the attendees (buyers).  Are they coming to attend seminars, look at exhibit booths or just to socialize?  It’s good to ask the show producers about the focus of their marketing and advertising.  Who are they target marketing?  Are they active divers, prospective divers or old time divers who don’t dive, buy gear or travel anymore?  It’s good to know if the active divers are currently in the market for new dive equipment, training or travel products.  Is there a way you can capture the contact information of the attending buyers?  With all this information, you should be able to tell if this marketplace being created for a weekend will be productive for you.

What about Dive, Surf, Boat, Outdoor, or Travel Shows?  A good way to prioritize the shows you exhibit at is to look at the concentration of the type of attendees.  What percentage of the attendees are likely to be your customers.  A  dive show with 5,000 diver attendees may be more cost effective than exhibiting at a show that has 20,000 attendees when only 1,000 of them are divers.  It’s not the raw numbers of attendees that is the most important factor.  It’s the total number of qualified buyers interested in your products.

Domestic & International Shows:  Prioritizing domestic versus international shows all depends on the number of perspective buyers that will be in attendance.  Is it cost effective to be there?  Do you have the budget and the personnel for it?

Hire a Trade Show Marketing Specialist:  Why not make all your Trade Shows count?  Our Trade Show Professionals at Dive Industry Association can help you pick the right shows, create annual budgeting estimates, and create a marketing strategy that covers pre-show, at-show and post-show activities.  We’ll advise your staff on your marketing materials, booth merchandising, and achieving planned outcomes.  We’ll assist you with customer follow-up after the show and evaluating your performance at the show.

For more information, contact:  Gene Muchanski at

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Editorial – May 2019

Having Referral-Ready Contact Information
by Gene Muchanski
Editor, The Dive Industry Professional 

The primary mission of the Dive Industry Association is to bring Buyers and Sellers together.  Knowing who the sellers are, what they sell  and how to get a hold of them are our primary challenges, and therefore, essential components to the successful completion of our mission.  A good deal of the Association’s work is behind the scenes. We gather information, knowledge and experience about the industry’s diving equipment, training and travel.  These are the three most important categories that contribute to the industry’s economic development.  In short, this is what the industry sells.  The second thing we do is maintain an industry database that includes the current contact information of the buyers and sellers of diving programs, products and services.  Again, this is an industry service that, in itself, is not an income generator for the Association but is vital information to the industry.  The third thing we do is facilitate exchanges between the buyers and sellers.

Purchasing decisions are made when a customer with a need decides to purchase a program, product or service to satiate that need, after they have completed their research into the vast array of products that will solve their need and the competitive sellers who provide those products.  Referrals from Trade Associations make the purchasing decision quicker, easier and less risky for the consumer.  Based on our experience in the industry and the market place, we are familiar with the products and the suppliers.  We understand how the products are used and why they satiate certain physical, psychological, social, and recreational needs.  Many times, our Members and our Staff are currently using the products that the potential consumer is considering.  Our credibility, integrity and professional relationships with both the buyers and sellers far outweigh any trust issues a consumer may have with a unknown sales person.  Especially if the seller does not have a current professional relationship with the buyer.

Believe it or not, many times we cannot make a referral to a willing customer because the supplier of that product does not have their current contact information in our system.  They may have moved, gone out of business, or opted out of our requests for information.  Many times they don’t have current information about their products, no catalogs, no brochures, don’t have business cards or have changed the name of their companies. Many of them have outdated or no websites at all.  The only thing our industry can do for these businesses is either help them become more professional, productive and profitable or just not promote them and their products to the consumer market.

For our Association to successfully promote the industry and refer good sellers to potential buyers we need good, current information.  We are asking the industry to send us your current catalog & dealer price lists.  It would also be helpful if your send us your current brochure and business cards for your Key People.  When we conduct industry surveys, it would help all of us if you participated.  Needless to say, opting in to our Weekly News and Monthly Newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with what we are doing in and for the diving industry.  Our contact information is listed below.

Psycographics is the study of why people make purchasing decisions.  Achieving a successful sales outcome takes a lot more than knowing why people buy.  As providers of programs, product and services, we have to know why people buy what they buy, where they buy products and when they are most likely to make purchases.  A successful Seller has to be accessible to the customer when they choose to act on their buying decision.

A single ad in an on-line newsletter is not going to take a consumer through the entire purchasing decision making process.  Rather, it takes a coordinated process of press releases, product advertisements, endorsements, demonstrations, recommendations, referrals and a strong, genuine and timely call to act.  That’s how sales are made.  And depending on the value of the product in question,  you may have to use more than one type of communication.  Combining print, digital and face-to-face marketing vehicles works very well in getting to a successful sales outcome.

That is why the Dive Industry Association takes its role in the industry to bring Buyers and Sellers together so seriously.  We know the products, the sellers, the buyers, the marketing messages, the marketing vehicles and the market places.  We know that the industry’s growth is primarily because of the sale of diving equipment, training and travel.  We know that the majority of recreational diving programs, products and services are sold by Retail Dive Centers and Scuba Instructors.  We also know that to grow the industry we have to focus on teaching people to dive, selling them gear, taking them diving and keeping them active.

Think of the diving industry as a very big boat with thousands of oars.  The boat is not going to get very far if we all aren’t rowing together, and in the same direction!

Now that the Scuba Show in Long Beach has concluded for the year, it’s time for half the industry to get to work (Retailers, Dive Operators, Instructors, Travel Destinations) and the other half to take a much needed vacation and then get ready for the 2020 season.  In the mean time, have a great 2019 season and we’ll see you at Dema Show (Booth 447).

For more information contact: Gene Muchanski, Executive Director, Dive Industry Association, 2294 Botanica Circle, West Melbourne, FL 32904.  Phone: 321-914-3778.  email:  Web:


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FAM Trip – Dominican Republic

FAM Trip – Dominican Republic
May 2018

by Gene Muchanski, Editor
The Dive Industry Professional

Nothing could be more exciting for an Adventure Traveler than to go on a FAM Trip to a new destination.  Especially if you are taking the trip with a great group of dive travel specialists from your industry.

On May 4, 2018 we were on our way to the Caribbean Island of Dominican Republic with twenty-two Dive Travel Specialists and Travel Staff.  The familiarization trip was put together by Edward Pietersz from Aquatic Reservations Network and Debra Helms of Roatan Charter, Inc. The purpose of the FAM Trip was to introduce two Dreams Resort & Spa Destinations – Dreams La Romana and Dreams Dominicus La Romana to some of the industry’s Top Dive Travel Specialists.  Part of what the Travel Division of the Dive Industry Association does is identify FAM Trip Ready Travel Buyers and invite them on a three to five day Familiarization Trip Experience at select Dive Resort Destinations.

Dominican Republic was picked as the Dive Destination for this FAM Trip for a number of reasons.  Dominican Republic is not only a beautiful Caribbean Island that is easy to get to but it is a vacation and recreation location that is growing in popularity.  Many of the new Resorts being built in the past few years are World-Class, all inclusive resorts.   The DR has attracted a number of the best Dive Operator Companies in the World, with their new and beautiful dive boats and professionally trained dive staff.  The Resorts and their Dive Operators are environmentally concerned about reef restoration and protecting the marine environment from harm.  The Dominican Republic as a vacation destination is growing and getting better every year, but for now, it it still one of the best keep secrets in the diving world.

We chose Delta Airlines as our air carrier and flew from Orlando, Florida to Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Needles to say, since we were flying Delta Airlines, a customary stop to change planes in Atlanta, Georgia was necessary.   Travel Planners make the most of this stop in Atlanta to get their travel group together and get to know each each other over snacks and a drink.  On this trip, we did just that.  The 3 hour and 23 minute flight to the Capital of Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, was very enjoyable.  Divers can appreciate the spectacular view of the coral reefs and small islands in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea from an airplane.

Our first two days of the trip was hosted by Dreams La Romana, located only 45 minutes from the Las Americas International Airport.  La Romana is on the South side of Dominican Republic, facing the Caribbean Sea.  The drive was pleasant and in no time, we were at our first destination.  I was impressed with the personal welcome we received from the Dreams La Roman Staff.  We enjoyed champagne and hor’s orves during our check in process in the Preferred Club Lounge and after a short site inspection of the property, we became the guests of Dreams Resorts at a Hosted Welcome Group Dinner.

We were scheduled to dive with Scuba Caribe for the next three days.  Susann Seifert, Director of Marketing for the TCM Group, parent company to Scuba Caribe Watersports, put together a full and exciting dive schedule for our group and arranged for our Dive Boats and Dive Staff to show us the best diving in the Dominican Republic.  We waited till early morning the next day to meet at the dive shop to register for diving and get our gear ready for our first adventure dives to Penon and Acuario.  Our Dive Team Leader, Soledad Del Pino explained how wonderful the trip was going to be as Scuba Caribe’s new dive boat got underway.   Video

Based on personal diving preferences, we broke out into two groups and we each were assigned two Divemasters per group.  Soledad and her Dive Team Staff did an outstanding job at Dive Mastering our two groups.  I would give the Scuba Caribe’s Dive Staff a 10+ for their professionalism, focus on safety & comfort and their understand that diving must be FUN to be enjoyed.  Diving under the watchful eye of their Staff was reassuring, relaxing, and enjoyable.  We got back to the dive shop at about 1:30 pm and had plenty of time to wash and stow our gear for another two days of diving with Scuba Caribe.  The day ended with a site inspection of Dreams Dominicus and Dinner at one of the Resort’s ten fine restaurants and eateries.

Knowing what diving was like in Dominican Republic and feeling very comfortable with the Scuba Caribe Dive Staff, we headed out to Isla Catalina and Aquarium for our daily two-tank boat dive.  Again, Soledad did not disappoint.  In fact, I secretly think the dive staff rehearses at night because they seemed to have new energy, new stories and new things to entertain us with on the second day.  Maybe that ‘s the way they planned it, but I think the diving on the second day was even better than the first.

After getting back to shore, we washed our gear and left it at the dive shop.  Even though we were changing Resorts we still would be diving with Scuba Caribe.  We packed our cloths and made the transfer to Dreams Dominicus where Patricia Alvarez-Lebron promised we would have two days of complete, unlimited-Luxury.  She was right.

Dreams Dominicus immediately became my favorite resort in the DR.  Our Sales Director, Patricia put the FAM Trip Group in the Preferred Club section of the Resort.  The Preferred Club is an exclusive area providing exceptional services.  There were so many benefits to the Preferred Club that you really have to visit their web site to see for yourself.  What I liked best, beside the beautifully modern room (and Champagne) was our own pool & bar and our private restaurant for breakfast.

On the third day of the FAM Trip we enjoyed our semi-private breakfast and then headed out to the dive shop to get our gear.  While most people walk the campus, we opted to ride in the golf carts !  You Divers know – dive gear and  cameras are heavy !

The third day of diving was the charmer.  Half of the group went on a wreck dive that blew them away and my group got some great shallow reef pictures and video.  Our second dive was at the Coral Restoration site and I was totally convinced that Soledad and her Dive Team should get some kind of environmental award for what they are doing to grow the coral reef system and fish population in Dominican Republic.

After taking care of our gear for the trip home (this is the saddest part of a dive trip), we did a site inspection of Dreams Dominicus.  We saw the Buildings, the Bars, the Restaurants, the Spa, and everything in between.  The night concluded at our Farewell Group Dinner at Dreams Seaside Grill Restaurant.  I did not want to go home the next day.

There are so many people to thank for the success of this trip. Kudos go to Edward Pietersz and Debbie Helms for putting the trip together and for its organization.  Shirley Sanchez, Dreams Romana; Patricia Alverez-Lebron and Dubrasks Tifa Mauricio, Dreams Dominicus; Susann Seifert, TCM Group;  Aleberto Mercedes, Soledad Del Pino and Dive Staff, Scuba Caribe; and of course all of the Dive Travel Travel Specialists who dove and partied with us.  Guaranteed, we will be doing this again, many times.

FAM Trips are fun, educational and essential for Dive Travel Specialists.  FAM Trips may be slightly different depending on who runs them, but my favorite trips are 5 days long.  One day to get there, three days of diving and networking and one day to get home.  We also like having the option for some of our Dive Travel Specialists to extend their trip for a few days to see more of the local destination.  Our Association has remarkable relationships with Resort Destinations, Tourism Bureaus, Travel Wholesalers and Dive Travel Specialists Worldwide.  Let us help you expand your Dive Travel Program.

To be considered for future FAM Trips by the Association, one of our Travel Wholesalers or Tourism Bureaus, contact Gene Muchanski, Executive Director, Dive Industry Association, at 



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Editorial – April 2019

Creating a Market Place
by Gene Muchanski
Editor, The Dive Industry Professional 

As a Business School Undergrad, majoring in Marketing, I was taught that you cannot create a market for a product.  You can stimulate a market but you cannot create one.  With the number of new products and new technologies being created in the past 40 years, I will leave that debate to a younger generation to discuss the difference between creating a need for a product and creating a market for a product.  What I am convinced of is that you can create a marketplace for a product that meets the needs of a person.

In the past month, I have been working on Key People Listings of Industry Professionals in the Equipment, Training and Travel Sectors of our industry.  Because we are creating a program that brings Buyers and Sellers together, the project actually expanded into creating Key People Lists for Dive Retailers, Non-Profit Organizations, Shows & Events Professionals and Industry Media Companies.  Here is what we learned.

Let’s say that a Market is a place where Buyers and Sellers meet to exchange programs, products and services for compensation.  We call this a Marketplace.  The job of setting up the market and bringing Buyers and Sellers together falls on us Marketing Professionals.  That means we have to arrange a venue that is conducive to sales, easy for Sellers to get to and centrally located for a sufficient number of Buyers to attend.  Wow.  Just like a Trade Show or a Consumer Dive Show.

A consumer or trade show is nothing more than a market place that is created to bring buyers and sellers together. Exhibitors buy booth space and come to sell products to the attendees.  Speakers and film makers come to offer a service to the attendees.  They are either selling their service to the show producer for compensation or they are selling a book, a dive trip or a photographic service to the attendees.  They could also be selling their presenter service at no cost to enhance their resume and professional experience.  Either way, there is a Buyer – Seller relationship there.

Now, who’s responsibility is it to bring in the attendees?  Number one, it’s the person who is charging the attendees a fee for coming to the show.  The Show Producers  are selling tickets to attendees in exchange for workshops, seminars, film festivals, exhibit hall vendors and social activities.  Although it is not the exhibitor’s responsibility to bring in attendees, it is smart trade show marketing to do everything you can, prior to a show, to get as many of your current, former and future customers to come to the show and see you.  Remember, exhibitors are selling products, not show tickets.

Where does the money come from to advertise Shows & Events to potential attendees?  It comes from the Exhibitors, Attendees and Sponsors.  If you ask the “old school” show producers, they will tell you that exhibitor booth sales pay for the venue, sponsors pay for the advertising and the money you get from ticket sales is profit.  I would argue with that a little.  I believe that Exhibitor fees, Sponsorship revenue and ticket sales should all go toward the venue, marketing, advertising, scholarships, show equipment upgrades and an investment in the local diving community where the show is held.

It’s time to change the way we think about the way we create market places and why we create them the way we do.  It’s time to focus on bringing Buyers and Sellers together for mutual gratification.  It’s time to match the Buyer types with the correct Sellers.  It’s time to let the Sellers know where their money is going and who it is intended to support.  If we don’t do that now, I am afraid our Sellers will go set up their own market place!  And if the Sellers leave, why would the Buyers return?

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Looking For Mermaids

Dive Industry Foundation
Non-profit 501(c)(3)
GeneMuchanski, ExecutiveDirector

The Dive Industry Foundation is looking for Mermaids in our industry who like to work with non-profit, environmental organizations.  One of our friends in the industry has worked with Mermaids in the past and needs our help identifying Mermaids, Mermaid Organizations and Non-profit Environmental Organizations.  Dive Industry Foundation accepts that challenge and we need your help.

The Foundation already has an industry database that contains many non-profit, marine & environmental organizations and their Key People.  We are now looking to add Mermaids and their companies to our database.  If you can help us identify this group, please have them send their picture, bio, contact information and any recent press releases they have to We will showcase one Mermaid and the work they do, every week, in Dive Industry Association’s Weekly News. 

Let’s have fun with this and give some credit where credit is due.

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Diving’s Key Industry Professionals

Key Industry Professionals In Diving
by Gene Muchanski
Editor, The Dive Industry Professional 

The Dive Industry Foundation is working on a research project to  identify Key Industry Professionals in the diving equipment manufacturing, dive training and dive travel sectors of our diving community.   Invitations were sent to Industry Professionals in the manufacturing and training sectors, to identify their National Corporate Executives and Regional Sales Reps.  The response was better than expected.   So far, 33 companies have responded with their information.  Updated lists have already been provided to each participant.

Industry Professionals were asked to identify their company’s General Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manger and their Regional Sales Reps. The purpose of the project is to identify Key People in the various sectors in order to increase business opportunities for Buyers and Sellers.  Knowing the proper people to connect with, prior to a sale will result in more direct referrals, increased sales and less unnecessary emails for both Buyers and Sellers.  The Dive Industry Foundation will follow-up with the Industry’s Key Professionals to verify their full contact information and offer our support for direct referrals.

The projects third invitation will now go out to the Travel Industry.  We are looking for travel companies to identify their Corporate Owner, General Manager, Marketing Manager and Sales Manager.  We are also looking to identify their Reservations Representative and their Regional Sales & Marketing Reps.  The Foundation has over 800 Travel Industry Professionals from 900 dive travel companies in its database.  Again, the results will be shared with each participant for their unrestricted use.

Identifying the Key Industry People in the equipment, training and travel sectors will help us start a referral program to refer more business to the industry suppliers in these sectors.  It is our hope that all providers of diving equipment, training and travel, will realize that they can never make a sufficient number of sales if the final consumer doesn’t know you exist or how to reach you.

The second part of this three-part program will be to identify and validate the Industry Professionals who are our Wholesalers ad Resellers of diving equipment, training and travel.  Many times, this group is neglected in the industry’s main chain of distribution, by the Industry Suppliers.  Working with wholesalers is a very cost effective way of doing business and reaching a larger percentage of the general population.  There are two obstacles to growth that will be addressed in the outcome of this project and should result in increased industry efficiency, economies of scale, more sales and industry growth.

Obstacle #1:  In our niche market of the recreational industry, there are too many suppliers of diving equipment, training and travel.  Many suppliers don’t advertise, don’t exhibit at trade and consumer dive and travel shows, and don’t have adequate regional sales support.  They also don’t have access to the necessary modern marketing tools and technologies necessary to reach and acquire a sufficient number of profitable clients.   In the 21st Century business climate, having a website, a facebook page and an email address is not sufficient to run a successful business in this very selective and competitive market.

Obstacle #2: Our Industry Wholesalers and Resellers are very similar to many of their Suppliers.   They don’t advertise, they don’t exhibit at their Regional Dive Shows, and they spend way too little time on the business side of diving.   Instead of managing a successful business that sells equipment, training and travel, they would rather be the person who is diving, teaching and traveling.  Aside from that core fault of not focusing on their business, too many wholesalers fail to assert themselves as the pivotal link between the Providers and Consumers of the industry’s Equipment, Training and Travel.  The first step of making the necessary paradigm shift from Vendor Dependency to Leadership, the industry has to get a better hold on identifying the wholesalers in our industry, determine who the Key People in this sector are and showcasing the Best Practices that make the more successful wholesalers successful.

When the second part of our project is complete, we will be ready to begin the third part of our project – identifying and reaching the final consumer of diving equipment, training and travel.  But a lot of work has to be accomplished before we reach that point.

If you are a Supplier of Travel (Resort, Liveaboard, Dive Operator, Resort Destination  Dive Center, etc) please look for our email invitation in your in-box.  If you are in the Wholesale Sector, be ready in a week or two to help us with Part II.

Sincere thanks to all current participants of this project and thank you in advance to the rest of the industry that is willing to help Build a Better Industry.

For more information, Contact Gene Muchanski at

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DIA Members to Exhibit at Scuba Show 2019

Dive Industry Association Members at Scuba Show
by Gene Muchanski, Executive Director
Dive Industry Association, Inc.

The following Dive Industry Association Members are exhibiting at Scuba Show on May 4-5, 2019 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA.  Make it a point to visit our DIA Members for Great Show Specials.

Local Dive Operators


Travel Businesses, Destinations, Resorts, & Dive Operators

Non-Profit Organizations

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DIA Members to Exhibit at Beneath the Sea 2019

by Gene Muchanski, Executive Director
Dive Industry Association, Inc.

The following Dive Industry Association Members are exhibiting at Beneath The Sea on March 29-31, 2019 at the New Jersey Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ.  Visit our DIA Members for information & Great Show Specials.

Retail Dive Centers

Dive Operators

Dive Clubs


Travel Businesses, Destinations, Resorts, & Dive Operators

Non-Profits & Associations

Media, Shows & Events, Retail Services

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DIA Members to Exhibit at Boston Sea Rovers 2019

The following Dive Industry Association Members are exhibiting at the Annual Boston Sea Rovers in Danvers, MA on March 8-10, 2019 at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Boston North Shore, Danvers, MA. Visit our DIA Members for information and show specials.

Dive Stores


Travel Businesses, Destinations, Resorts, & Dive Operators


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Editorial – March 2019

Where Is All This Cooperation Coming From?
by Gene Muchanski
Editor, The Dive Industry Professional 

Last month I talked about how the industry has its defining moments and its current need of unity.  From what I saw last month, I believe that our defining moment is now. Either the industry has woken up and decided that the way we did things in the past is not bringing us the outcomes we are looking for or our Association has hit the tipping point from all of our support, promotion and hard work over the past 18 years.

My message for the year is that we can grow our businesses and the industry by becoming more professional, productive and profitable.  The underlining foundation of our industry is based on the sale of diving equipment, training and travel.  The front-line dive industry professionals who account for the sales are the local dive stores, dive boats and dive instructors.  The companies that profit the most from these sales are the diving equipment manufacturers, certification agencies and travel companies.  Many other diving related businesses and organizations profit from a growing and healthy industry.  They are the service companies, non-profit organizations, shows & events producers and industry media.  Because and only because of a strong economic diving market, many industry celebrities, opinion leaders and influencers get to enjoy a healthy and robust social life based on the successful activities of our recreation.

The Dive Industry Association is the only Marketing & Trade Association in our community dedicated to building economic development by working individually with all of the industries specializing in diving and diving related activities.  Our focus is on the industry’s supply-side and demand-side of the market.  Our Goal is to bring Buyers and Sellers together using print, digital and face-to-face marketing techniques.  We perform our Mission by studying the market in its entirety and understanding how diving programs, products and services move through the industry’s channel of distribution from product conception to consumption.  We are, in essence, the Industry’s Marketing Team.  Our performance is judged on how well we understand the supply side and the demand side of our market and how we use that information to convert marketing efforts to sales.

A project we started this past week is to identify the industry’s Key Corporate Leaders and the Regional Sales Representatives in the Manufacturing and Training Sectors.  The Travel Sector will be next.  The purpose of the project is to identify the current Key Industry Professionals, nationally and regionally.  This will help the industry contact the correct person when connecting with a buyer or seller  We first asked 122 Dive Industry Association members and then 150 equipment manufacturing professionals for their input.   To our surprise we received complete responses from 22 companies in the first day of our project.  That is very encouraging.

We are giving this project one week to complete and will then send an updated listing to each participant.  The file will be updated throughout the year and made available to all participants.  To complete the supply side of the market, we will focus on the Travel Sector next week.  The second half of the project will be to identify the buyers and resellers before we move on to the demand side of the equation.

I want to thank all of the industry professionals who are participating in our industry surveys and projects.  Collectively we have the tools and talents to make our businesses better and grow our industry.  See you at Beneath the Sea.


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