Mayan Divers Adds New Boat

Mayan Divers Adds New Boat
Mayan Divers @ Mayan Princess Resort
Roatan, Honduras
June 19, 2017

Mayan Divers is proud to announce that we now have our sixth boat in the water.  We are happy to introduce “MAITE” (short for Maria Teresa) – a large haul that holds up to 20 Divers.  This brings our maximum capacity to over 80 Divers!

We are also so excited to be hosting Kids Sea Camp for 2 weeks, starting on July 23, 2017.  We always enjoy diving with Margo Peyton and her team  and wonderful dive families that join them!


Mayan Divers Dive Boat Fleet

  • MAITE – Max 20 Divers
  • NELLIE – Max 20 Divers
  • ARIEL – Max 20 Divers
  • ISLAND PRINCESS – Max 12 Divers
  • WHY KNOT – Max 10 Divers
  • WANNABE – Max 6 Divers

For more information:
Contact – Edward Butler, Operations Manager
Mayan Divers at Mayan Princess Resort
Bay Islands, Roatan, Honduras

For Travel Information & Reservations:
Contact – Debbie Helms, Roatan Charter


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Tovatec Introduces New Light

Tovatec a division of Innovative Scuba is delighted to announce their new addition to their award-winning light series!

The new 395nm LED UV light creates an amazing florescent effect which triggers marine life to put on their florescent show!

Some of the unique features include:

  • Adjustable beam angle from 12 to 100 degrees
  • Versatile battery options; Every light comes with a rechargeable 18650 battery, charging cradle and has the capability to switch to AAA batteries.
  • Magnetic slide switch
  • Depth rating of 100M
  • 4 hour burn time

With the weight of this light only being 9.17 oz, ( 1.46 X 6.3 length and width) its size and capability makes this light a must have for every night dive.

Retail starts at $99.95

To learn more about the UV light and other Tovatec lights please visit us at:



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Editorial – June 2017

Success Is Just Executing a Good Plan
by Gene Muchanski, Editor
The Dive Industry Professional

Memorial Day is behind us and the traditional Scuba Diving season has begun.  All of the industry’s pre-season marketing campaigns have ended and hopefully our work will pay off.  The fate of the 2017 Diving Season is now in the hands of the front-line industry professionals.  If we have done our job correctly, the Dive Retailers, Boat Operators, Resort Destinations and Instructors should have a good year.

With the season underway, industry planers are starting to think about next year.  Of course, we still have to get through the DEMA Show in November but that is really part of this year’s planning, which should be well underway for many exhibitors.

There are a number of good shows and events on the docket for 2018.  To get the best prices and the best results from our pre-show, at-show and post-show efforts, we are planning now and ready to execute our plans in a timely manner.  The Dive Industry Association will be exhibiting at four shows and attending and marketing a dozen more.  Our non-profit Dive Industry Foundation is not only exhibiting at a number of shows but are working with a number of show producers and exhibitors to help make their shows more successful.  Part of that success is based on solid planning and timely execution.

The Dive Industry Foundation has been asked to advise on the Scuba & H2O Adventure Show in Tacoma, Washington on April 20-22, 2018.  Although the show is ten months away, a lot of planning needs to take place to make it the world-class event it is promising to be.  We are working with all components of the show; Attendees, Presenters, Sponsors, Advertisers, Exhibitors, Volunteers, Staff and Show Management.

Putting a show together is a lot of work but it is not Rocket Science.  What has helped me tremendously is looking back on the company that built our swimming pool four years ago.  On the first day of our meeting, the builder sketched out a rough draft of the type of pool we wanted. He added and deleted options as we discussed them and added things he knew would be needed.  At the end of our first meeting he had a clear idea of what we wanted.  After reviewing our needs and budget, Paradise Pools was ready to make a solid estimate on the cost of the pool, the materials that were needed and time it would take to complete the pool.  After our second meeting, the builder knew what he needed to know.  In his mind’s eye, he could see the process from start to finish. He already knew what the pool would look like when it was finished.  How did he know that?  Because he had done this many times before.  It wasn’t his first rodeo!

I learned a lot about building a business from that experience.  For 52 days I photographed and video taped the pool building project and shared the progress with my facebook friends.  On any given day 30-50 people tuned in and experienced the daily success of the project and yet, none of us knew exactly how or when everything would come together.  But the builder knew ever since the second meeting.

I am hoping the Scuba & H2O Adventurer Show in Tacoma will turn out to be the world-class event we are planning it to be.  However, it is going to take more than good planning and execution.  It’s going to need the excitement and participation of the diving community in the Northwest United States and Southwest Canada.  I am confident that will happen.

As we work on all aspects of this event, i.e. Attendees, Presenters, Sponsors, Advertisers, Exhibitors, Volunteers, Staff and Show Management, we will share the progress with the diving community.  Hopefully, like my pool project, we’ll all see the show come together right before our eyes.

If you would like to be a part of this event, contact Gene Muchanski at


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Dive Industry To Create Speakers Bureau

Developing an Industry Speakers Bureau
By Gene Muchanski, Executive Director
Dive Industry Foundation
June 5, 2017

In our series on Developing the Ideal Dive Show, we are breaking down the components that make a show successful for the attendees, speakers, exhibitors, volunteers, sponsors, staff and show management.  The most important component is, of course, the attendees.  We design a dive show based on who attends the show and what they expect to see and do and who they expect to meet.

The second component of a dive show are the seminars, workshops, film shows, meetings and activities that are organized into an integrated program for the attendees.  We call this second component “Presentations.”  Presentations are the meat & potatoes of any dive show, whether it is designed as a consumer show, trade show or professional development conference.  Having a high level of presentations means there will be more interest in attending the event.

Speakers and Presenters are the Ambassadors of our industry.  I can’t stress enough how important our speakers are when it comes to promoting our recreation through positive contact with the general public.  They are the story tellers of our industry.  They are the hands-on, been there, done that people of the recreational diving industry.  No one knows the impact one short seminar at a long forgotten dive show could have on the future of one individual, sitting in awe of the information being presented by an enthusiastic speaker.  Maybe it could be that life-changing moment that turns a dream into a life-long passion or career.  That’s why we want to introduce our Speakers to the world.

The purpose of this article is to develop an Industry Speakers Bureau that keeps track of speakers and presenters in our industry and their topics of expertise.  As we compile a group of speakers and presenters, we learn a lot about their topic of choice and their scope.  Looking at the show guides of dive shows in the past, I can see that speakers tend to be International, National or Regional in Scope.  Some focus on education and some more on entertainment.  Some presentations are focused on topics that appeal to recreational divers and some have more of a professional development appeal.

For the recreational diver, topics of current interest seem to be Underwater Photography and Video, Wreck Diving, Freediving, Technical Diving, Rebreather Diving, Spearfishing, and of course, Adventure Travel Diving.  From an educational side, Diving Medicine is very important, and so is the mechanics and meaning of diving equipment.  From a professional development side of diving and diving instruction, the topics of interest are plentiful.  Career development, improved teaching techniques, equipment maintenance and repair, employment opportunities, certification updates and renewals and the business of diving as a part-time or full-time profession.

Dive shows need to have an element of interest for recreational divers and industry professionals alike.  Both types attend the events as attendees, speakers, exhibitors, volunteers or staff.  Show producers establish the venue to accommodate local divers and visiting industry professionals.  To maximize the benefits of so much industry talent converging on one location for a weekend or more, it makes sense to include as much activity as the facilities can handle.

The Scuba & H2O Adventure Show is scheduled for April 20-22, 2018 in Tacoma, Washington.  Exhibiters and Speakers will be arriving from all over the globe on Thursday and Friday.  While the exhibiters are setting up on Friday, the show will host its professional development side of the show.  Show management is encouraging speakers and companies to conduct workshops, seminars and meetings targeted toward dive industry professionals.  Workshops that pull an audience away from an event for 4-8 hours, like equipment repair training, Instructor certification updates and technical training sessions are not a problem on Friday.  The Saturday and Sunday portion of the show is focused on local attendees and visiting divers as much as possible.  Everyone can participate and enjoy the exhibits, the seminars and film shows.  With proper booth staffing, exhibitors can even schedule time with their Instructors, Clients and Dealers anytime during the entire weekend; Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

The main purpose of organizing workshops, seminars, and meetings ten months in advance of a show is that it gives us time to find the most interesting topics that have the most appeal with audiences.  It allocates sufficient time to promote the show activities and invite attendees who would be interested in the program. Our goal is to bring a world-class event to Tacoma in April and inform and invite as many people as we can.

The Dive Industry Foundation is asking all Speakers to send us their contact information and topics of interest. Please include a recent photograph and a short Speaker’s Abstract & Bio.  You can email your information to or mail your information and a business card to Dive Industry Foundation, 2294 Botanica Circle, West Melbourne, FL 32904.  For more information, contact Gene Muchanski at 321-914-3778.

The best example of speaker information I have seen so far is Beneath the Sea’s 2017 Speakers’ Abstracts & Bios.  Beneath the Sea published 14 pages of speakers and their bios in their 2017 show guide.  Fantastic job; clear pictures and short bios.  They even included a short abstract of each seminar the speakers were presenting.  This format should be the model for all seminars and show guides to come and we certainly will use it as a guide when we create the Dive Industry Speakers Bureau.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Tacoma on April 20-22, 2018.

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Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire – FIRST GUE Dive Center in the Caribbean

BONAIRE, Dutch Caribbean (May 29, 2017) – Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire is proud to announce to be the first and only training facility in the Caribbean and South America to provide courses from Global Underwater Explorers (GUE). Recently the resort became an official GUE dive center.   

According to German Arango, also known as ‘Mr. G’, Buddy Dives’ Technical Diving Coordinator, this is a great new asset for the Caribbean region: “GUE provides the highest quality of diver education by  teaching to refine your diving on a level no other training organization does. By taking a GUE course you will increase your safety and control during your dives and consequently your dives will be more enjoyable and fun.”

GUE dive center
As a GUE dive center Buddy Dive Resort has a full time GUE Instructor that takes care of maintaining what is needed to support both GUE recreational and exploration grade dives by providing standard gasses, appropriate GUE dive equipment and year-round access to GUE dive training. Buddy Dive Resort is committed to regular GUE courses, including but not limited to Fundamentals, Tech 1, Tech 2, DPV and Primers.  At the same time Buddy Dive promotes the research, exploration, and educational goals of GUE  via ‘Mr. G’.

GUE training
GUE is committed to developing safe, skilled and knowledgeable divers (recreational and technical). The GUE system stands for the highest quality of diving education by teaching solid fundamental skills. Most difficulty in diving relates to poorly developed basic skills such as good buoyancy control and the use of inefficient equipment. This could cause unnecessary exhaustion, stress and degradation of the dive site, even for the more experienced diver. By emphasizing solid fundamental diving skills, GUE training provides greater enjoyment and safeguards the integrity of the fragile marine ecosystems.

TeK event
Every year in October Buddy Dive TeK hosts the Bonaire TeK event, a week fully dedicated to technical diving. ‘Mr. G’: “Divers can immerse themselves in the world of tec diving through demonstrations, presentations, training and workshops. Instructor trainers of GUE, NAUI and PADI will be present to answer all questions. We welcome divers from around the world to this event.” This year’s Buddy Dive TeK event will take place from October 7 till October 14, 2017.

From left to right: German Arango ‘Mr. G’ Buddy Dives’ Technical Diving Coordinator, Kirill Egorov member of the GUE board of advisors and Augusto Montbrun, Dive Operations Manager at Buddy Dive Resort.





About Buddy Dive Resort
Buddy Dive Resort, Bonaire’s leading dive hotel is known for its personable staff, spacious accommodations and a dive operation that has something for every diver. Today, the resort is complete with eleven modern buildings housing spacious one, two and three bedroom apartments, a full service dive center, activity desk, two swimming pools, two restaurants, pool bar, vehicle rentals and the famous drive thru air and Nitrox fill station. Built with active people in mind, Buddy Dive Resort knows exactly what is needed to make guests comfortable both during their busy day of diving and exploring. Buddy Dive Resort was recognized as one of the World’s Best Dive Resorts & Operations in Scuba Diving magazine’s 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards: Top 100 Gold List.

For more information visit

About Buddy Dive TeK

Buddy dive TeK opened its doors in 2007, with the mission to provide quality technical support and training to its customers and guests at Buddy Dive and on Bonaire. With the extensive knowledge and passion of German Arango ‘Mr. G’ Buddy Dive TeK has grown into the largest technical diving facility in the Caribbean. The Buddy Dive TeK team represents a wealth of technical knowledge and certifications from all fields of diving: GUE, NAUI and PADI. With a fully operational tec support service; extensive equipment rental and technical training, Buddy Dive TeK offers everything needed! Buddy Dive TeK is proud to be the only facility in the Caribbean and South America offering GUE instruction via Mr. G.

For PR enquiries or other pr related questions, please contact

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Canadian Airline to Commence Toronto To Bonaire Flights

Canadian Airline Sunwing to commence flights to Bonaire this winter

***Direct Flights from Toronto to Bonaire***

Kralendijk (May 12, 2017) – Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has announed that Sunwing will commence flights to Bonaire in mid-December 2017. Sunwing will offer weekly non-stop service from Toronto to Bonaire every Sunday on a Boeing 737-800 with a capacity of a 189 seats.

Sunwing Airlines is Canada’s  leading leisure airline and is the proud recipient of the Consumer Choice Award for its Toronto operations for four years running.

TCB has entered into a Marketing Incentive Agreement with Sunwing Vacations and Bonaire will be addded into their destination portfolio. Bonaire will be promoted and  marketed within Canada.

“We are pleased to announce that Sunwing will be launching its brand new direct flight from Toronto to the island of Bonaire. Our award winning island offers a variety of activities, both on land and in our marine park. With the addition of all-inclusive packages from our partners; Buddy Dive Resort, Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Casino, Delfins Beach Resort and Plaza Beach Resort, Bonaire will be the next top Caribbean destination to visit this winter,” said Maurice Adriaens, Director of Tourism Corporation Bonaire. “Sunwing’s commitment to launching this route demonstrates the airline’s confidence in the Bonaire tourism product.  We are excited to develop and deepen our partnership with Sunwing. This flight will give Bonaire greater exposure in the Canadian market and provide travelers with a convenient connection to Bonaire. Therefore, we encourage all Canadians to explore, to enjoy, and to become a part of Bonaire by absorbing our nature, our culture and activities,’’ he concluded.

The initiative to secure Sunwing to service Bonaire was led by private sector partners Mr. Marcel Brekelmans, General Manager and Mr. Richard Bilderbeek, Director of Sales and Marketing, Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire All Inclusive. Through their dedication and the collective commitment of other such entities as the Island Government, Bonaire International Airport, various hotel partners and the TCB, Sunwing will be servicing Bonaire for the first time, year-round, this winter.

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Editorial – May 2017

It’s All Part of the Master Plan
by Gene Muchanski, Editor
The Dive Industry Professional

One good thing about being in the diving industry for over 40 years is that you have a lot of time on your hands to reflect and a lot of data to reflect upon.  I can’t think of a down side, except that some younger people might say “That was then, this is now.”  To that I’ll just say that people who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.

Most of my career in the diving industry has been in strategic planning.  Having a diverse background in diving and the business of diving, I have been fortunate to work in the Training, Travel, Retail, Manufacturing  and Media Sectors of the Industry.  The most useful information I ever gathered was how our customers and competitors think.  If my employers could know just one thing, it was always how could they be one step ahead of our customers and competitors.

And guess what?  When you figure that out, you write it down and formulate a strategy to capitalize on it.  In the process, you learn from your successes and failures and you continually refine the process, all along doing more of the stuff that works and less of the stuff that doesn’t.  You learn from other people and you copy what works for them and you shy away from things that didn’t.  You ask your customers what they want and you do your best to give it to them.

So, is there a Master Plan for the Diving Industry?  Yes, there is and it’s based on what the market is asking for and how some suppliers are responding to their needs.  Notice that I said “some.”  It’s based on a natural flow of seasonality curves and customer purchasing patterns.  It’s based on having the right products, at the right price, at the right time, for the right audience.  It’s about building a market for the present and the future.  It’s about growing an industry.

Not all suppliers agree on a “Master” Master Plan.  Based on their own organizational needs and target customers, they choose to pursue their own plan in order to best achieve their own desired outcomes. The best defense against this type of competitor is to be part of a Master Plan that has the best interest of the market as its guide.

Companies working together toward an Industry Master Plan tend to use words like “integrated marketing” instead of “marketing campaign”.  They tend to work well with other companies instead of “having their own thing.”   They tend to donate to industry non-profit organizations instead of just their own organizations.  They also tend to be transparent in their dealings with other industry professionals instead of meeting behind closed doors.  They tend to be “inclusive” rather than “exclusive.”

Companies working together toward an Industry Master Plan have greater advantages due to an expanded horizontal network whereas companies that are vertically integrated loose a great deal in new ideas and synergy.  What’s good for each company individually is also good for the entire industry when working towards common goals.

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Quino El Guardian Liveaboard – BUY 3 GET 1 FREE

Attention Dive Retailers and Dive Travel Wholesalers!

Do you have clients who want to dive the amazing waters of Socorro and the Sea of Cortez in Mexico but are on a budget? Here’s an opportunity to make some money and create happy dive travel customers with our special promotion:


Quino is Rocio Del Mar’s “brother” ship offering the same magical destinations with the same amazing crew and food that made Rocio famous. Prices are as follows:

Socorro / 10 days $3000 / $3100
Sea of Cortez / 8 days $2100
Explore Baja / 13 days $3450 / $3550
Southern Safari / 8 days $2100

Also available is Quino’s unique Citizen Science expeditions offering shark tagging, animal identification, marine ecology and more.



Susan Long
Sales & Marketing

Dora Sandoval

Retailers get an additional 10% commission on all groups of 5 or more.

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DIA Members To Exhibit at Scuba Show – Long Beach 2017

Dive Industry Association Members at Scuba Show
by Gene Muchanski, Executive Director
Dive Industry Association, Inc.

The following Dive Industry Association Members are exhibiting at Scuba Show on May 6-7, 2017 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA.  Make it a point to visit our DIA Members FIRST.


Travel Businesses, Destinations, Resorts, & Dive Operators

Non-Profit Organizations

Services & Misc.

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Editorial – April 2017

Promoting Diving In The Big Tent
by Gene Muchanski, Editor
The Dive Industry Professional

With the exception of the Scuba Show in Long Beach next month, the pre-season marketing push for the year has concluded.  Diving re-sellers have the rest of this month and next month to get their inventory levels to the high point and be ready for peak season diving activity.  We observed a number of things in the past four months that could help make this a great season for you.

At all the dive shows we exhibited at this year, we kept hearing that the exhibitors were “pleasantly surprised” with the better that expected attendance.  In other words, the dive industry professionals began the year thinking the shows were not going to be good.  I’m glad the “industry professionals” were proven wrong.  That kind of stinken thinken is what has been holding our industry back for a number of years now.   The second thing we learned is that when the exhibitors pitched in and helped advertise the shows, the attendees showed up.  That means people want to learn to dive, buy gear, and go diving.  All they need is an excuse to dive and an invitation.

The problem this year wasn’t lack of attendees.  It was lack of participation and promotion on the part of dive manufacturers, training agencies and dive centers.  With that said, I have to first share with you what we learned from countless discussions with our Industry Leaders.

The Dive Manufacturers were in a state of flux this year.  The industry has seen a number of serious personnel changes in this sector.  A number of major manufacturers were sold and the new owners are still feeling their way around the market.  Unless we see some concrete positive public announcements in the very near future, our industry professionals will have no choice but to resort to rumor and speculation.  Not good for the industry and definitely not good for the Brands.  Not exhibiting at the Regional Dive Shows this year must have cost the manufacturing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost sales, loss of market share and a deterioration of their brand capital.

The Training Agencies had their own challenges this year.  Some of the Brands were severely weakened by a declining customer base, loss of market share, loss of visibility and ultimately, lost sales.  One major agency was sold and a few others are in search of a new image.  While the traditional scuba diving market is loosing popularity with the general public, Tech Diving, Freediving and Spearfishing have broken away and further isolated their small niche markets.  At the Blue Wild Show this weekend, one Freediving Industry Leader commented that there is very little, if any cross-over between the various diving niche markets. While there seems to be a strong bond between Freedivers and Yoga practitioners and between the Spearfishing and Fishing markets, why can’t the traditional sport diving market cooperate more with Tech Diving, Freediving, and Spearfishing?

The Dive Centers who realize they are the Local Ambassadors of the Diving Industry and the Local Retail Champions to their customers become the undisputed Leaders of our Industry.  At least from a financial standpoint.  The ones who fail to realize this continually struggle to teach enough classes and sell enough diving equipment to a declining number of scuba diving enthusiasts.  Customers buy scuba diving equipment and scuba diving lessons because they have to.  They buy diving vacations and life style apparel because they want to.  Recruiting people to participate in diving & adventure travel and dressing the part will lead them to buy vacation trips, apparel, scuba diving lessons, and diver training.  If done properly, it will also lead to underwater photography sales and everything that goes along with that. You have to give your customers a reason to buy stuff.  The more they do, the more stuff they need.

This year, the Local Dive Retailers did not participate in their local dive shows as exhibitors and many didn’t even participate as attendees.  What a shame.  Maybe they felt there was no reason to because their major lines didn’t exhibit nor did their training agency.  Some didn’t even promote their local show because they didn’t want their customers to attend and see their competitors there.  Silly, huh?  The truth is, the attendees came, and they had a good time, and they bought stuff.  But they didn’t buy from the people who weren’t there.

Retail Dive Centers need to reduce their dependency on equipment vendors and training agencies.  They are what we call entry level or core vendors.  The perfect business model is to sell each new scuba student their own equipment at the beginning of training and then teach them how to use it in their course.  Once the student is certified and has all of their equipment, attendance at Regional Dive Shows is more meaningful.  Newly certified divers are looking to advance in their hobby and go diving more frequently.  Training Agencies promote continuing education at the show.  Local Boat Charters promote local diving.  Resort Destinations promote diving vacations away from home.  Equipment Manufacturers showcase the latest and great diving equipment new in the industry.  Seminars and workshops give attendees an opportunity to see the scope of the entire recreation, filled with countless new diving adventures that await them.  The exhibit hall now is filled with Retailers who sell apparel, jewelry and art at the show instead of just basic diving equipment.  I guarantee, this advanced show model would triple the size of current shows in just a few years.

Regional Dive Shows are all about Divers and want-to-be Divers coming to a Dive & Travel Show to see Diving Equipment, Photography Equipment, Resort Destinations, Training Products, Books, Art, and Apparel.  They come to learn about their hobby.  They are interested in and spend money on advanced equipment, continuing education, and adventure travel.  They go to workshops and seminars to learn more about diving, the environment and travel.  The Industry Professionals come to see their friends and colleagues.  They come to sharpen their professional and trade skills.  They come looking for new business and new opportunities.  They all come to socialize.  You’ll never meet so many people and see so many things in one weekend as you would at your local dive show.

Participate in your Regional Dive Show.  Exhibit, Attend, Volunteer, Participate, Promote and Enjoy your Regional Dive Show.

I can’t speak for all Regional Dive Shows, but if you want to participate in the Lone Star State Dive Show (Dallas), Our World Underwater (Chicago) or the Scuba & H2O Adventure Show (Tacoma) next year.  PLEASE call or email Gene Muchanski  Phone: 321-914-3778.  eMail:




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