Visible Divers Develops New Dive Center Management Software Program

visible-divers-200gifby Stephen Ellis, President
Visible Divers, Inc.

Running a Dive Center is not an easy thing to do. In the recent economic downturn, we saw several stores close, and those that survived were left limping.  The good stores know that business management tasks consume a lot of time – on average 35% of staff time.  This eats into sales time and social time, but even more importantly, it takes time away from making a better profit.  Lately they’re expected to be skilled at social network campaigns and marketing, and that takes time to learn and do.  On top of it all, stores are getting squeezed from internet sales that in most cases, is a real concern.  Add in the extremely low retention rate of divers, and you quickly realize that a store has to be very business savvy to make ends meet.  It’s time to flip the odds.

Meet Visible Divers – a cloud-based solution that doesn’t just handle your business, it gives you business.  With official endorsements from a long list of top manufacturers, we’re a software company that has built a completely custom solution to dive center management, from the ground up.  It’s a patent-pending system built to support every agency, brand, store, and diver.  Everyone gets a free account, and you only pay if you want business services.  Because everyone gets a free account, you’re able to link accounts in a private social network from diver to store to manufacturer, and everything in between, turning our fragmented industry into a well-connected and informed industry.  With cutting-edge technology, we’ve taken the internet bull down by the horns and made it finally work to your best advantage.

So what does Visible Divers do?  Almost everything, and the way we go about it is what is truly dropping jaws.  We took notes from others’ failed and limited attempts and made a system that is extremely easy, fast, and intuitive to use that has more horsepower than you thought possible.  It’s so smart you’ll feel like you’ve hired another person.  You’ll get our unmatched scheduler system, Point of Sale, inventory management, social networking, intuitive marketing and sales generation, billing, invoicing, finances, purchase orders, equipment management, multiple store support, and more. We even have an iPad app so that if you lose internet, power, or even your computer, you keep going without missing a beat.  An Android app is on its way.

If you’re a manufacturer, you’ll see reports on your products and the overall market in real-time that are so specific, you could pattern your marketing or sales strategies from them.  Our patent-pending method of showing your products to divers and stores is the new “non-marketing” marketing trick that’s worth the price of admission by itself.  A fundamental value to your business is that Visible Divers is not a generic solution; it’s made specifically for the unique challenges of the SCUBA industry.

With so much to offer, you might think it’s a complex system to learn. It’s actually the opposite.  Our free video tutorial series can teach you to do any task in a minute or less.  It’s that easy.  And if you’re worried about price, the good news doesn’t stop here. It’s priced to be a “no brainer,” as many are calling it.  Even part-time stores can afford it.

You may have heard about us at DEMA last year.  Our fresh and intuitive approach to handling store management amazed everyone that saw it. Everyone wanted a Point of Sale that matched our ease of use and intuitive design…so we made it.  If you’re going to DEMA this year, you won’t be able to avoid hearing about us.  Our product is so compelling, it’s used and endorsed by the top manufacturer brands in the industry.  These brands are all displaying the Visible Divers logo in their booths at DEMA.  We’ve never heard of another company so widely recommended.  Obviously, we’ve got something very unique here.  We’ve even earned the praise of Dive Industry Association, Inc., who has chosen Visible Divers as the recommended software for their “Model Dive Center” Prototype.

This year we return to DEMA with several public and private seminars.  You’ll find us in booth 229, next to Aqua Lung.  You’ll see our logo everywhere, and the top brands have ensured their sales reps are well trained with it.  If you want to schedule personal time with Visible Divers during DEMA, now is the time to do so.  We’re certainly happy to talk with you as long as you need at our booth as well.

Visible Divers officially released Version 1 of the Point of Sale system to the public today.  We were in private beta testing with select stores and manufacturers for several months, building out a strong and complete service solution.  Every store that has been shown the system since we began beta testing has converted to it.  That’s 100%, in case we weren’t clear enough.

We have some big claims, and every one of them is easily proven.  Inventory your store in minutes, not weeks.  Add a customer in five seconds, not five minutes.  Work online or offline without missing a beat.  Know your store’s health in seconds.  Increase sales.  Multiply profit margins.  Sell from anywhere in your store…or the world.  No other system can claim these things.  When you see our system, you’ll instantly understand why.  If we don’t have something you need, tell us.  We’ll build it.

If you want to see or try the system, create your free personal account first.  Then contact Visible Divers to schedule a live demonstration.  All sales reps from TUSA are already trained on it, and other companies like SCUBAPRO and Huish Outdoors will be trained before DEMA.  And of course, you can upgrade your free account at any time with a 30-day trial.

Our catchphrase is actually a very fitting statement of what we’re about: “Hello SCUBA. Meet the Internet.”  Check out our system at There is no software to download.  I know you will be impressed with what you see, and you’ll continue to be astounded with what we’ve got up our sleeves for the future.  Our vision and technology make everyone Visible Divers.

Visible Divers, Inc.
phone: 1-888-TEC-DIVE (888-832-3483)

About Gene Muchanski

Executive Director at Dive Industry Association. Board Member at Dive Industry Foundation. Marketing Consultant to the Diving Industry. I have been a certified Scuba Diver since I was 15 years old and have been a passionate waterman for as long as I can remember.
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