Retail Dive Centers Asked to Complete Industry-wide Retail Profile

DIF-200Dive Industry Foundation is dedicated to defining and analyzing what makes our industry what it is today and for suggesting ways to make it better and grow the industry.  To be successful in this endeavor we need the help of hundreds of Retail Dive Centers.  Very little is known about our industry, much less about the Retail Dive Centers who are the main generators of sales & certifications in the industry!  If it were not for the Retail Dive Centers there would be no diving industry!

Below please find the Industry-Wide Retail Dive Center Profile.  This started out as an annual retail survey in 2002 and has become an Industry Profile that can be filled out once and updated every year by the store owner.  The industry profile is conducted to better understand Retail Dive Centers and to address their needs.  We ask all Professional Retail Dive Centers to take a few moments and fill out the profile and mail it to our office in West Melbourne, Florida.

Dive Industry Foundation has been a trusted name in the industry as a Non-Profit Organization specializing in promoting economic development in the Diving and Watersports business community for the past ten years.  We encourage all Dive Retailers to take part in growing our industry.  All participants get a print copy of our Dive Industry Trade Publication and Directory or you can pick one up in person at Beneath the Sea.  You will also be included in our Regional Dive Center Forum.

The Dive Industry Foundation guarantees that all information submitted in this profile is held in absolute confidence and in no way will be shared individually with any company or persons.  The profile input is tallied to create Industry averages and trends.  All participating Retailers will receive a detailed “State of the Industry” report.  Some Industry averages may be published in the The Dive Industry Professional and high-lighted on our blog web site.  Your cooperation is highly appreciated.   Thank you in advance for your time and effort.


Contact Information:

Company Name (or DBA):  _________________________________________

Business Structure:   [  ]  Proprietorship     [  ]  Partnership     [  ]  Corporation    [  ]  LLC

Date opened Business: _____________________________________________

Years in Business _________________________________________________

Business Address: ________________________________________________

City / State / Zip: ________________________________________________

Contact Name: __________________________________________________

Title: _________________________________________________________

[  ]  Male  [  ]  Female

Date of Birth: _______________

Highest Grade Completed: __________________________________________

Business Phone: [          ] ____________________________________________

Fax #  [          ] ___________________________________________________

Home Phone:  [          ]  _____________________________________________

Cell #  [          ] ___________________________________________________

E-mail Address: __________________________________________________

Web Site (URL): __________________________________________________

Facebook Page: __________________________________________________

Skype: ________________________________________________________

Survey Questions:

Store Square Footage ______________________

Sales Floor Square Footage _____________________________

Days/Hours Open: _____________________________________________

[  ]  Own     [  ]  Rent / Lease         [  ]  Pool on premise          [  ]  Classroom on premise

Number of Employees:  Full Time __________   Part Time __________

Number of Instructors _____________________________________________

Do you sell:  [  ] Swim    [  ] Dive    [  ] U/W Photo    [  ] Kayak    [  ] Surf    [  ] SUP [  ] Apparel    [  ] Swim Wear

Major Equipment Lines: ___________________________________________


2013 Gross Sales:  $ _______________________

Compared to 2012 Gross Sales:  Better / Worse

In-Store POS Computer Hardware ______________________________ Software _______________________________

Are you thinking of expanding into other watersports?  Yes / No

Instruction:  Yes / No     Agency: _________________

Students per year: _______________________________

Type of Instruction:  [  ]  Swim     [  ]  Scuba      [  ]  Tech     [  ]  Rebreather

[  ]  Other ______________________________________________________

Rentals:  Yes / No

How many sets of rental equip? _______________________________________

Brands of Rental Equipment: _________________________________________

How often do you sell (rotate) your Rental Equipment? _______________________________________________

Repairs:  Yes / No     Number of Qualified Repair Techs ______________________________________________

Compressor:  Yes / No   [  ] Air   [  ] Nitrox Type of Compressor ______________________________________

Compressor capacity: ______________________________________________

Do you have a Dive Club?  Yes / No

Name of Club:  _______________________________________________

Do you:  [  ] Sponsor Local Dives     [  ] Charter Dive Boats

Do you  sell Dive Travel Vacations?   Yes / No

Do you  use a Dive Travel Wholesaler?   Which one ? _________________________________________________

Number of Dive Travel Specialists:  _______________________

Number of Dive Trips per year:  ____________

How many dives did you make last year? ________________________________

Do you have a written Business Plan?  Yes / No

Do you have a written Marketing Plan?  Yes / No

Do you use Business Consultants?  Yes / No

Type Used _____________________________________________________

DEMA Member:  Yes / No

Dive Industry Association (DIA) Member:  Yes / No

Will you attend the 2014 Surf Expo in Orlando, FL (September 2014)?                    Yes / No

Will you be attending the 2014 DEMA Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV?  (November 2014)                  Yes / No

Do you go to Consumer Dive Shows?   Yes / No    Attend / Exhibit

Which ones? __________________________

Do you go to Travel & Adventure Shows?   Yes / No    Attend / Exhibit

Which ones? ______________________

Your Top 5 needs as a Dive Industry Retailer:






Would you be interested in participating in addition surveys conducted by the Dive Industry Foundation?  Yes / No

Additional comments about the Industry __________________________________________________________________________________________



Thank you completing this survey.  By doing so, you’ve taken a Leadership role in this industry.

Please return via Direct Mail or eMail

Return to: Dive Industry Foundation,  2294 Botanica Circle, West Melbourne, FL 32904

About Gene Muchanski

Executive Director at Dive Industry Association. Board Member at Dive Industry Foundation. Marketing Consultant to the Diving Industry. I have been a certified Scuba Diver since I was 15 years old and have been a passionate waterman for as long as I can remember.
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