Visible Divers Release New Rental System

visible-divers-200gifBy Stephen Ellis, President
Visible Divers
August 19, 2014

Visible Divers Release New Rental System and Integrated Card Payments

Visible Divers announces significant new additions to its program. Over the weekend, several important features were added, including Product Packages, Rental Management, integrated payment processing, store policies, and more.

The new rental feature turns hours of normal setup into just minutes of setup. With its “wizard” approach, even the newest staff at a store can fill prescribed rental sets quickly, flawlessly and effortlessly.  “No one seemed to like how our competitors handled rentals – they were too complicated and made tracking rentals difficult.  So we completely redesigned the whole concept based on real store needs” says Visible Divers President Stephen Ellis.  Now stores can track who has what, be alerted to late rental returns, and engage customers automatically for future rental opportunities, all through an automated, fast and easy-to-use experience.

Equally impressive is Visible Divers’ new payment processing system.  Now, stores can swipe cards directly on the website while securing and encrypting every piece of information before it gets to the website, have a customer sign the receipt on the computer screen, and many other smart innovations.   Visible Divers card readers encrypt the card information right at the card reader and transfer it directly to the processor.  Neither the store nor Visible Divers can decrypt the card, so the card data is never at risk.  “The bottom line is that a customer’s credit card is extremely secured by our program.” says Stephen. “We also don’t store the card data anywhere in our system for any time.  It’s a strong contrast to how Target dropped the ball last year.”  This new ability is also available on the Visible Divers iPad app.

Visible Divers selected National Card Payments (NCP) ( as the recommended payment processor after months of evaluating the best providers.  “We really bent them over a barrel.” Stephen laughs. “Because of our strong bulk purchasing power with so many stores, we’ve locked rates and terms for stores that are just impossible to get otherwise.”  With no sign-up fees, no cancellation fees, incredible rates and unrivaled support, NCP is an ideal match to Visible Divers’ offerings.  Visible Divers member stores can switch over to the new payment processor service in lightning time, effortlessly.  “Stores can still use their own processors if they want, but with these unbeatable terms, I can’t imagine why they would.” says Stephen.

Product Packages are not to be overlooked either.  The new addition includes all of the necessary features one would expect, and also includes the ability to detect a product package opportunity during a sale and guide the sales staff through it.  Stores are also able to set store policies on receipts, along with rental policies and agreements.

Each of these new features continues to match Visible Divers’ high standards for speed, intuitive design, and ease of use.

These features come in tow of many major feature releases this year.  Earlier this year, Visible Divers released its intelligent and adaptive Purchase Orders system, embedded calendars that stores can put on their own websites, advanced customer management, additional manufacturer features, and more.  “We don’t sit still, and we have a lot of things we still want to bring to stores.” Stephen remarks, “We pride ourselves on useful innovation and designing around the customer rather than making the customer bend around our program.”

“We’re not just redefining retail management for SCUBA, we’re rewriting the rules and technology for retail worldwide. Innovation has to start somewhere.  This industry just happens to be the one where these innovations are happening first.”

* * *

Visible Divers, Inc. is the fastest growing software company built just for the SCUBA industry that provides full-service dive shop management including Point of Sale, scheduling, accounting, social networking, unlimited free support and more. With the ability to work anywhere in the world on any device, it’s the most versatile and powerful system for complete dive shop management.

For more information, sign up for a free account at and contact Visible Divers directly by phone or email at or 888-832-3483.


If you are a manufacturer and want to know what Visible Divers does for manufacturers, please contact us at:, or call us at 888-832-3483.


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