Photo Workshop at Lembeh

Shoot Out in Lembeh Straits!

Lembeh ResortThe Lembeh Strait is widely recognized by marine biologists as having the world’s highest concentration of rare and unusual marine life.  The practice of Muck-Diving, also known as Critter-diving, began in Lembeh in the mid-nineties when marine biologists started to explore the black sand slopes to identify the amazing diversity of animals that inhabit this underwater realm.  Today, 20 years later, divers who enjoy both macro as well as wide-angle underwater photography travel from all over the world to experience this magical place in North Sulawesi.

Perched slightly above the beautiful waters of Lembeh Strait and surrounded by lush tropical gardens, Lembeh Resort was built to inconspicuously blend into the natural landscape.  Westerly views of ancient extinct volcanes and spectacular sunsets await you. Experience the warm hospitality, tropical beauty and unique wonders of Lembeh Resort.

Join the Lembeh Photo Workshop – December 3-10, 2016.  Photo pros Hergen Spalink, Kerri Bingham and Steve Fish (no joke), plus in-house Photo Pro Sascha Janson and in-house Marine Biologist Dimpy Jacobs will provide presentations, seminars & one-on-one instruction.  $2,595 per person plus optional 4-night workshop extension December 11-14.

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