Editorial – December 2022

cropped-gene-roatan-1.jpgCan You Grow the Global Diving Business Network?
by Gene Muchanski, Editor
The Dive Industry Professional

President John F. Kennedy said it best when he gave his inaugural address.  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”  His words continue to ring true for me every time I think about the Global Diving Business Network we are creating around the world.  A global network benefits its members because of what they bring to the table, as far as products, services, talents, and skills that others have a need for.  By bringing a professional network of sellers together we are creating a marketplace that specializes in the need’s fulfillment of its diving customers.  Think of the Global Diving Business Network as a Trade Show that lasts for 365 days a year, not just for 2, 3, or 4 days.  The more exhibitors (members) we have in the exhibit hall (network), the more attendees (buyers) will frequent the network.  If the network attracts a sufficient number of sellers, their annual dues ($125) will generate a sizable advertising and marketing budget to spend on attracting buyers to the network.  When a large number of buyers and sellers come together, sales happen and needs are met.  That’s our Mission.  Our Association believes that it’s the venue’s responsibility to attract and motivate qualified buyers to attend an event where the sellers have paid a fee to exhibit.  Our promise is to work with sellers to attract qualified buyers to attend.

In last month’s editorial, I wrote about the things the Dive Industry Association is doing to create a network of like-minded businesses that is becoming an international marketplace of current buyers and sellers of diving equipment, training, travel, and lifestyle products.  We have organized an effort to identify the sellers of diving products and partner with them to include them in this marketplace that is advertised and promoted in digital, print, social media, and face-to-face marketing platforms.  Our collective advertising dollars are spent identifying, reaching, acquiring, and referring buyers of these products to our participating sellers.

Cover - Trade Directory - Dec 2022The Dive Industry Trade Directory & Buyers Guide:  Sellers of diving equipment, training, travel, and lifestyle products are always looking for new customers.  Mainly because of the recent COVID pandemic, many vendors have either cut back, changed their address or gone out of business.  This leaves the potential buyer with questions as to who is still in business and how do they reach them?  Our Trade Directory & Buyers Guide puts the current names and points of contact of these sellers in the hands of potential buyers, all in one document.  The annual price of a listing is $125.  Sellers are given one listing in the Trade Directory that includes company name, company contact person, address, phone, fax, email address and website url.  The Buyer’s Guide is a cross reference directory for each listing.  Each listing is broken down by industry sector, i.e. Manufacturer, Dive Store, Dive Operator, Travel Business, Non-Profit Organization, etc.  Diving equipment is broken down further by category of products.  Travel Businesses is further broken down by travel category and by country.  The Trade Directory is updated monthly and sent to all Dive Industry Professionals free of charge.  It is published in Adobe pdf form and as a Flip-Page Magazine.  We are working on publishing the Trade Directory on its own website, as we have done in the past.

DIAweeklyNewsDive Industry Weekly News:  Another marketing vehicle that has been a huge benefit to our membership is our Weekly News Press Release Service.  Our Members receive 24 free press releases with their annual membership.  That is $4,800 worth of free press when compared with our competitor.  The Weekly News has a free subscription for all Dive Industry Professionals Worldwide.  The News is distributed via direct email using Constant Contact’s email marketing service and is posted to various social media sources.  Because we do not charge our members for their press release, our service is shared by numerous social media profiles, pages, and groups.  Our goal is to reach every Dive Industry Professional across the globe every single week.

Cover - Nov 2022The Dive Industry Professional Magazine: As if having an International Diving Trade Directory & Buyers Guide and a Weekly News Release was not enough, the global diving community now has a monthly trade magazine dedicated to the working dive professionals worldwide, regardless of their training agency affiliation or their diving equipment brand preference.  It’s called The Dive Industry Professional.  Our trade magazine has been in existence for 22 years as a monthly newsletter and was recently upgraded to a magazine format in April 2022.  The magazine covers issues that are important to working dive professionals.  Our typical issue includes an Editorial, an Industry Leader Profile, an Industry Business Profile, a Shows & Events Calendar, DIVE LOCAL Events, and paid advertisements.  We publish articles on business topics as well as articles on diving destinations, dive operators, and FAM Trips.  One of our favorite columns is the Outstanding Divemaster Award series.  Subscriptions are free to all Dive Industry Professionals worldwide.  As the magazine grows in readership, we are looking to add stories of interest from our readers and guest authors.

So you see, there are many ways to grow the Global Diving Business Community.  Its success all depends on what dive industry professionals are willing to bring to the table.  With the abundance of talent we have in our recreational industry, there is no reason to believe that we cannot be two or three times bigger and better than we are today.  So, in the spirit of President John F. Kennedy we are asking “What can you do for your industry?”

This is an exciting time to become part of the Global Diving Business Network.  For more information, contact Gene Muchanski, Executive Director of the Dive Industry Association, 2294 Botanica Circle, West Melbourne, FL 32904.  Phone: 321-914-3778.  email: gene@diveindustry.net  Web: www.diveindustry.net


About Gene Muchanski

Executive Director at Dive Industry Association. Board Member at Dive Industry Foundation. Marketing Consultant to the Diving Industry. I have been a certified Scuba Diver since I was 15 years old and have been a passionate waterman for as long as I can remember.
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